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    Services Terms And Conditions

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    Services Terms And Conditions

    Post by Snitler on Tue Aug 13, 2013 6:59 am

    Services Friend's Chat Terms And Conditions

    This is strictly for the members of the Services Team. Upon payment and application for the Services Team, you have agreed to comply to the following terms and conditions. Failure to comply to said terms and conditions will result in immediate self-termination of your rank on the Services Team and you will not be refunded for your rank. You also cannot reapply for a spot on the Team, your application will be denied and if you try to donate your way into the Services Team, you will not be refunded. Your in-game name will be added to the Blacklist so that we know that you are no longer trusted at the Services Team if you have been terminated from your rank. The following terms must be followed, and you have agreed to follow them upon application and payment for said rank.

    1-You will not scam customers. Every service will be done by setting up a temporary password and having the customer take pictures of his/her bank to prevent any scams. You can stream/record your services if you like, but this is not required for scam prevention.  If a customer is still scammed after these precautions, then the one doing the service will refund the entire cost of the service and what was taken from the customer. A ranked member of the Team who is lower than a General and takes more than their limit is also considered a scam and can be punishable. One single scam will result in the termination of your rank. Lower ranked members who take over the limit will receive 1(one) warning and will have to give back the amount taken until the are below their limit, any other time after their first warning will result in termination.

    2-You will respect all customers and members of the Services Team and Friend's Chat. Any disrespect towards any of our customer and/or members of the Services Team will result in a Disrespect Warning. You will receive a total three Disrespect Warnings, after the third warning, your rank will be terminated and your payment will not be refunded. This includes spamming, advertising, flaming, yelling or arguing at other players, racism, offensive language or humor towards other players, and disrespecting other players' lives, families, and/or beliefs.

    3-You will not use any other programs to finish your service such as bots, macros, or any hacking program. You must complete the service on your own time without botting and afking for example. If you are caught doing this, you will automatically be terminated from the Team as well as being punished under the Server Rules.

    These are the Terms and Conditions that each and every Services Team Member must follow. As stated above, if you fail to comply to these terms, your rank will be terminated and your payment will not be refunded.

    Also, as a reminder to all players, you cannot host Services without being ranked in the official Services Friend's Chat. This will be viewed as a scam and can be punishable.

    Thank you all.

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